Creating Opportunities and Connecting Thinking with Project Cortex

It has been a long time coming but Microsoft is finally investing in knowledge. Through Project Cortex, Microsoft is enabling organisations to create opportunities through connected thinking. Cortex connects people to content and content to people. It creates knowledge networks through metadata and the Graph. Mott MacDonald is one of a small number of organisations that have been involved in the development of the product prior to its subsequent Preview and General Availability releases. This has afforded a unique insight into the product and a head start into how it can be used to enhance approaches to knowledge management.

This session will focus on the practical application of Cortex as part of your approach to Knowledge Management. The session will include real-world examples of how Mott MacDonald used Cortex to connect thinking and establish knowledge networks. As Cortex is more than a UI, the session will include bits of code, splashes of JSON and some Power Automate. The session will not be limited to knowledge management in SharePoint. It will include some of the wider applications in e.g. Yammer and Microsoft Teams. The objective of the session is to empower you such that you can leave with an understanding of how you can leverage Cortex in your organisation. It is not a requirement to have an existing knowledge management strategy in place before attending this session.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Genuine customer experience and usage of Project Cortex
  2. Insight how you can take advantage of Project Cortex for Knowledge Management
  3. Practical session with the product marketing left to others
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