Creating a Rocking Global Web Application with Microsoft Azure PaaS Services

In today’s world, “Global” is THE reality. When we create the infrastructure for a new web application we need to think about it as an application that will have a global reach. This is a good challenge for Azure Architects. Creating global applications is no easy piece, we can hit a lot of concerns, not only technical but also business related and even legal.
In this session, we will check how Azure App Service can help us reach this global application goal and how other related services, like Traffic Manager, Azure Storage, SQL Databases and Service BUS can help you create a global scale application.
Expect a heavy-demo depended session, based on real-world experience in implementing this services with several customers.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. See how to deploy apps globally to Azure App Service
  2. Discover how to scale apps using Azure App Services
  3. Learn to use Azure services like Traffic Manager, Service Bus, Cosmos DB and SQL Databases to Global Scale your app
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