Customizing Microsoft Search

With Microsoft Search you are given a vast set of tools to help your users find the content they are looking for when they need, from any search box. Knowing each capability and how they work is key to ensure Microsoft Search is set up and works to your expectations.

This session will dive into how you can customize the Microsoft Search experience tenant wide, how you can set up Microsoft Search to work best with intranets and hub sites, and what your options are when the out of the box capabilities are not matching your needs. Some of the topics covered:

  • Vertical configuration and external data sources
  • Customizing refiners
  • Customizing how a result is displayed
  • Scoping search to cover a limited set of content
  • Take control of the search box in SharePoint Online
  • Comparison of Microsoft Search vs. PnP Modern Search web parts

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • When and how to customize Microsoft Search
  • How to configure Microsoft Search for intranets and hub sites
  • Difference between Microsoft Search and PnP Modern Search web parts
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