Deciding between SharePoint Add-ins and Office 365 Apps

No sooner have we all learnt how to develop Apps for SharePoint, when Microsoft go and release a new development model. Don’t you just love it when they do that?! In an “external” or “standalone” app, there’s no need for the app to be installed to a SharePoint site – and this can provide huge benefits. However, new APIs must be used and the developer must understand how Azure AD fits in. Whilst this model is currently Office 365 only, Microsoft have hinted that this approach may come to on-premises SharePoint soon – so this will become important to all developers. This session is designed to get you up to speed and help you make the right choices.

Session highlights:

  1. A “State of the Nation” analysis on apps (i.e. how things have gone since their introduction in 2013)
  2. A comparison of Office 365 apps vs. Apps for SharePoint in the eyes of the end-user and the developer
  3. Discussion on whether the existing App for SharePoint model is dying.
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