Deep Dive on Azure Cognitive Services Vision APIs

Building solutions with machine learning often requires a data scientist. Azure Cognitive Services enable organisations to take advantage of AI, without requiring a data scientist. Microsoft did the heavy lifting by creating the machine learning models, pipelines and required infrastructure needed to build the model and packaged it up into Cognitive Services. In this demo packed session we will cover the API’s in the category Vision: Face, Computer Vision and Custom Vision.

We will start with a quick introduction of the Vision API’s, their capabilities and use cases. We will then shift gears and discuss:

– How to build a custom classifier

– How to build a custom object detection model by using an open image dataset

– How to run a custom model locally for real time analyses

– How to take advantage of the GPU for better performance

– How to use your custom vision model in Azure Functions

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Building a custom classifier with Custom Vision
  2. Building a custom object detection model based on an open image data set
  3. Hosting options for the custom vision model (Locally, Azure Functions, containers, etc)
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