Develop, Build, Package and Deploy Apps for Office with Visual Studio

Office apps have been around for a while as VSTO packages, but things have changed with the introduction of Office 2013. A new App Model for Office provides apps who live both in the Office 2013 client and Office Online. Join this session to discover what Apps for Office are, discover the latest changes and how to create them using standard-based technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. The session covers different types of apps for Office 2013, like task pane, content apps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and mail apps for Outlook. We’ll talk about how to develop, build, package and deploy Office apps. Demo’s cover creating apps with Visual Studio 2013 and deploy them for availability in the store.

By attending this session you will:

1- Understand the difference between the task pane, content and/or mail apps
2- This session shows the potential of Office Apps and you are able to apply this knowledge to current projects
3- Build an App for Office and deploy it to the store

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