Developer Productivity: Full Stack C# with Azure Functions & Blazor

Let’s face it: sometimes software development is cumbersome and takes way too long. In this session, Christian addresses how C# developers can take a different path with a focus on full-stack technologies and the Cloud. Learn how to build modern business applications running on all platforms and devices with Web-based Blazor & cross-platform UI toolkits.

Complete the end-to-end picture with secure real-time backends based on Azure Functions, Cosmos DB & friends. All of this built with C# and .NET. Find out whether such a pragmatic approach (with constraints in place) might be the right choice for you & your requirements.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Cross-platform Web applications with C# & .NET
  • Serverless real-time backends
  • Blazor, Azure Functions, Cosmos DB in action
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