Developing Search-driven Applications with SharePoint, the Office Graph and Azure Search

Search-Driven Applications provide direct value for people in a wide variety of roles, and search is becoming a core component of apps and business applications. This session arms you with best practices and techniques for using search effectively within your application. We show how to use query syntax and develop against the query API across SharePoint Server, SharePoint Online, the Office Graph, and Azure Search. We also cover the key content-side development practices for content enrichment and indexing. Finally, we’ll see how these techniques are used in 3 case studies – both in the code and in development project practices. Search is a different animal for many developers, but it is easy to work with and fun to develop against once you know how.

Session highlights:

  1. Understand how to work with queries: query syntax, building up query strings, using advanced query features, and techniques for capturing and using user context
  2. Best practices for forming an effective search UI and how this differs across applications: translating user requirements into components, result sources and display templates in SharePoint, Graph operations and visualizations against the Office Graph, and result sets and UI components in Azure Search.
  3. Techniques for approaching a search-driven application development project, what is different from traditional application development and what is the same, and examples of successful projects and applications.
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