Developing Solutions with SharePoint Framework

This tutorial is aimed at developers who already have some experience with SPFx, but would like to take their skills to the next level. We’ll start with a quick recap of possibilities between SPFx web parts, extensions, use of React, and the deployment story. From there we will cover how to provision artifacts your SPFx solution may need, how to manage multi-language solutions, how to enrich solutions with the Microsoft or PnP components, how to consume the Microsoft Graph and any other 3rd party APIs from within a SPFx solution – skills you need to create advanced functionality hosted in SharePoint. Moreover, we will see how to leverage the client-side development model and SPFx to develop Office 365 solutions.

Finally, we’ll be sure to discuss real-world enterprise challenges – authentication and AAD permissions (to the Graph or your own APIs – including the related security implications of decisions you make here), ALM considerations and more.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Learn how to leverage the client-side development model to empower SharePoint and Office 365 
  2. Understand how to create basic and more advanced solutions with SPFx 
  3. Learn how to manage an end to end solution built with SPFx  
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