Digitally Transform (And Keep) Your On-Premises File Servers

Even with new cloud options, the on-premises file server continues to play an important role in small business, large business, and the branch office. However, this comes at a cost. Storage is always under pressure and never cheap, backups and disaster recovery require infrastructure, and offices in mid-large businesses need to collaborate. In this session you will learn how Azure File Sync is an easy technology to introduce into to an existing infrastructure and will completely change how you view your file servers – without removing them! Join this session to learn what Azure File Sync is, how to architect it, and how to deploy it. 

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  • A new way to do file server storage while keeping familiar usage patterns. 
  • Reduce costs & complexity by using cheap cloud storage. 
  • Simplify branch office deployments. 
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