Discover PowerApps with SharePoint – Is it a Good Fit?

We’ve lost InfoPath to build forms with our SharePoint lists and SharePoint Designer is no longer getting any updates with no SharePoint Designer 2016 coming out. Using SharePoint for our organisations means creating many things with it based on our requirements, building lists and libraries tailored to our needs. Recently, Microsoft has introduced PowerApps to help build Logic Flows (comparable to our Workflows) as well as Mobile Apps. It offers connections to many cloud services including SharePoint Online and Office 365, though we expect it to support SharePoint On-Premises in the future as well. Explore what PowerApps does and how it works especially when connected to SharePoint, we’ll build mobile apps as well as Logic Flows with our lists to see how it works and what you should watch out for. Will this be a good solution for you in 2016? Come discover PowerApps with SharePoint!

Things you’ll see:
-Tour of PowerApps
-Building a Mobile App with SharePoint
-Building a Workflow (Logic Flow) with SharePoint

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Learn how PowerApps could replace InfoPath and SPDesigner
  2. Build Mobile forms for your SharePoint lists
  3. Build Workflows for your SharePoint and more
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