Don’t Miss Out on Microsoft Powerful NoSQL SaaS Offering DocumentDB

In today’s Modern Apps, you need to be mindful of rapid growth and consumption. In these areas there are three considerations:
1. Data—you may have an unpredictable and rapid growth
2. Expectations—you need to accommodate for close to instantaneous response time
3. Adjustments—in your development and support cycle where you may need to adjust your data model as time goes by without a negative impact

DocumentDB gives you all that and more, starting with the fact that it is a PaaS, all of your infrastructure issue and scale is handled by Microsoft, it is the first of a kind to offer Native support for JavaScript, SQL Query and transactions over JSON documents. In this session, you’ll get a better understanding of what DocumentDB is, its best use cases, how to provision and configure it in the Azure Portal and how to consume data via a Web App and Web API.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. NoSQL is becoming the new Cloud Standard for Databases
  2. DocumentDB is a quick learning curve over other NoSQL platforms
  3. No fuss SaaS offering, too easy not to try it out



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