Do’s and Don’ts for Office 365 Development

The “rules” of SharePoint development have changed – although MSDN documentation often lags behind, the Office 365 Product Group tell us we’re no longer supposed to use custom master pages, WebTemplates or deploy our fields and content types in XML. This means core concepts and guidelines that have been around for 7 or 8 years no longer hold true! Clearly this is a massive change – but do we always need to adhere to these new rules? Or are there times when it’s OK to use less-preferred (but still supported) approaches?

In this session we look at the reasons behind Microsoft’s change of position, and the associated thinking you need to do in the real world.

In this session you will learn:
1. A discussion of the key changes in developer guidance
2. A technical deep-dive (with demos) into the new approaches Microsoft recommend
3. Consideration of the circumstances where you might choose NOT to adhere to the guidance, and why

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