Double Up! – Migrating to SharePoint on Azure and Office 365

Microsoft offers two ways to move SharePoint to the cloud – Azure and Office 365. Each has great strengths but also challenges for traditional SharePoint implementers. In this session, we’ll review the major strategic pros and cons in moving to the cloud. Office 365 simplifies infrastructure planning but also constrains traditional solution techniques used for on-premises SharePoint.

In this session, we’ll review:

• Overview, capabilities and weaknesses of Office 365 & Azure
• Deciding between Office 365, Azure, and hybrid scenarios
• Planning and techniques for content migration
• Setting up security sync using Azure ADConnect
• How to administer SharePoint on Azure
• Office 365 Admin tips and tricks

Session highlights:

  1. Operational advantages of IaaS and SaaS offerings for SharePoint online
  2. Migration and management roadmap for Azure
  3. Migration and management to Office 365
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