Driving Digital Transformation with Modern SharePoint Intranets

Organisations are making significant investments in “digital transformation” to modernise their internal operations. An intelligent intranet, one that deploys enterprise-wide search that incorporates machine learning and AI, is an increasingly important part of this evolution. Smart enterprise search offers a way of unifying data found within both internal and external software systems to provide employees with customised portals to an organisation’s aggregated knowledge.

This session will teach you how to transform your SharePoint-based intranet and search to be more intelligent, personalised, and relevant to each and every user. Using a best in class strategy, including integration with Microsoft’s AI Services, you will learn how to provide a better internal search experience and understand how this translates into a digital workplace where employees are much more productive and engaged.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Learn from world class intranets
  2. What does digital transformation look like
  3. Be wildly entertained!
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