Effective Access Control in Azure

Commonly way too many have too broad access in your Azure subscriptions. Random changes in environments leads to time-consuming ghost hunts in deployments, human error leads to costly mistakes, and compliance for overall security goes out the window. There are ways to ensure you keep to the straight and narrow when it comes to managing access to Azure. It is a little bit more involved and complex, but it is way more effective, valuable and a true time-saver in the end. Your Azure users must have all the access they need but should never have more than they need. Add to that just-in-time access with Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and you are arriving in the Cloud empowered and able to do the right thing for your projects and your company. Everyone in their right place and no one burdened with access to things they do not need to access. Locking down production areas gives you confidence, speed and makes for smooth running services and happy customers.

Join this session to dig into, by example what people don’t do well with Azure Access Control and the steps you need to make it better!

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Properly scoped access control
  2. Custom Roles
  3. Privileged Identity Management (PIM)
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