Enable Your Solutions with Azure App Services and Azure Functions

Of course we all want to move our IT business processes to the cloud, and we are going to do that with Azure right? But what does that mean? Azure offers a wide array of solutions, each with their benefits and tradeoffs. For those looking to offload specific services to the cloud, as well as those looking for fully managed cloud platforms, Azure offers Azure App Services and serverless Azure Functions built right on top of Azure App Services.

In this introductory session to Azure App Services and Azure Functions, we will investigate how Azure App Services provides us a secure, scalable, and fully customisable yet fully managed cloud platform and compare these offerings to Azure Functions, a serverless, on-demand, cost-effective code architecture. Learn the scenarios best suited for either Azure App Services or Azure Functions and how this relates to both Office 365 and external infrastructure custom development.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. An overview of Azure App Services and Azure Functions
  2. Learn tradeoffs between managed platforms and cloud services
  3. How to determine which platform or service is best for your use cases
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