End to End DevOps with Azure DevOps Towards Office 365 and Azure

DevOps is the union of people, processes and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users. In this session we will cover how to setup DevOps both from an organisation and a technical point of view.

Topics to be discussed are:

  • How to manage teams, roles, backlog planning (tasks, bugs, issues) and sprints in Azure DevOps (known as Visual Studio Team Services)
  • How to setup continuous integration and continuous delivery on Azure using Visual Studio Team Services
  • What are the differences in Build, Release & Deployment of the various target environments (e.g., SharePoint Online, Azure App Services, Container, On-Premises)
  • Organisational considerations in a true DevOps model

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Get an overview of Visual Studio Team Services
  2. Learn about the setup of continuous integration and continuous delivery with VSTS towards Azure and Office 365
  3. Get an overview of organisational considerations when transforming into a true DevOps model
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