Evolving the IT Pro to VNext

What does SharePoint IT Pro version 2 look like? How will you transform your skills to retain employment in the new world of cloud, hybrid and damned confusing IT? What indeed even is this new world we are facing? Are we more fragmented as individuals, what place is there for developers, and what planning roles can an IT Pro evolve themselves into to ensure a career in SharePoint? Demand has never been higher for SharePoint staff, and yet many IT Pro’s and Devs are simply unemployable in this new world. Come and learn what skills you need to thrive in this rapidly evolving world that we face and consider how to evolve yourself from the IT Pro of old to the in-demand leading edge Hybrid professionals sought by the SharePoint IT and consulting industry.
Plan your next IT Pro career opportunity by joining me on a holistic overview of what it takes to be the IT Pro V2, understanding how the world is rapidly changing, what the new market is seeking, what roles are in demand, how to avoid recruiter snake oil, avoiding unicorns and even gathering some tips on finding the right staff for your SharePoint projects. If you want a career in SharePoint VNext as IT Pro VNext, this is a must attend session!

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