Exploring the Potentials of Skype for Business

Microsoft renamed Lync as Skype for Business while unlocking huge potentials for people to interact with organizations. Now rather than using multiple communication clients, you can use a single Skype account around you and manage all the communications. Also Microsoft has identified key needs of your communications at many types and facilitates communications to a greater extends by being specific to each necessary scenario such like meetings, small chats, polls and etc…

In this presentation we will explore the ways that Skype for Business can help people to work together and communicate effectively with each other while saving much money to the organizations. Get to know how these can be applied to your organizations with the case studies on achievements so far.

By attending this session you will:
1. Know the right tools to use at right time
2. Know the importance of working with users outside the organization
3. Know how much organizations can save with the Skype for Business features

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