Extending PowerApps and Microsoft Flow with Custom Code

PowerApps and Flow is the new “magic duo” from Microsoft, with a broad range of possible uses: developing simple mobile and web applications, and simple processes, based on various data sources. Even if PowerApps and Flow were in the beginning focused on power users and consumer data sources, we are witnessing an addition of new enterprise-oriented connectors and actions every day. Still, the power of PowerApps is often not enough for real-life use cases. The expression language is on a rudimentary level, which satisfies only the basic needs. Offered data connectors do not cover custom data sources, and even if the number of Flow connectors and actions is growing every day,a lot of it is still missing, especially when considered in context of SharePoint. In this session, you will learn how to utilise Azure Api Apps and Azure Functions, for bringing own data sources to PowerApps, how to extend the capabilities of PowerApps expression language, and how to implement actions which are not covered by Flow. Furthermore, we will see how to utilise Azure Service Bus to achieve three way communication between PowerApps, Flow and any 3rd party system, and how to utilise it for some background processing scenarios. Unfortunately for all modern developers, no JavaScript code will be shown in this session. Knowledge about Azure and C# is a welcome prerequisite, though.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Azure is your best friend with PowerApps and Flow
  2. Extending data models, expression language and Flow actions
  3. Two way communication between different solution segments


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