Federating Applications with Office 365 using Azure Active Directory

Windows Azure Active Directory is a service that allows handling identities and access management capabilities in your software solutions. Whenever you own a valid Microsoft Office 365 tenant and a corresponding Windows Azure Active Directory service instance, you can create powerful applications federated with your organizational accounts and your Office 365 tenant, too. In this session, you learn about the architecture of Windows Azure AD. Moreover, you see how to configure Office 365 to leverage the Windows Azure AD service, and how to create either web applications/web APIs or native client applications leveraging this new service.

To attend this session you should have a good understanding of authentication and authorization techniques in general, as well as in SharePoint Online and Office 365.

Session highlights:
– Understand the architecture of Azure Active Directory
– Learn how to federate web and native apps with Azure AD
– Leverage Office 365 tenants for custom software authentication

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