Five Best Azure Access Control Practices

It is a serious challenge to master Access Control and Identity in the Cloud. With experience from over ten years as an Azure MVP, and in my role as Chief Product Officer at Cloudeon part of Devoteam, I know most companies fail this challenge completely.

Focus on Zero-Trust with the quintessential principles of just-in-time access and least-privilege! You can master the challenges of…

  • Granting Users Access the better way via AAD Security Groups.
  • Non-permanent PIM access for humans.
  • Granting machines access via Managed Identities.
  • Setting up automated Continuous Deployment.
  • Self-rotating secrets. We will banish Azure ghost and zombies. We will obliterate connection strings forever.

We will see magical secrets that will never expire.

In this fast paced, demo heavy Azure enablement session which will make you a great Azure access hero.

Users can be ghosts or zombies in Azure. Use only Access Groups so that the AAD knows exactly who has access where. Alert on direct user access in Azure. Setting up end-2-end demo where:

  1. Create SPN – what is required to do that
  2. Grant access
  3. Create Service Connection – discuss security on it
  4. Setting up a pipeline in DevOps that can use the secret.

Bonus: GitHub repo is trusted by the SPN as a federated identity, and the GH Action can now use the secret.

Bonus: Self-managed secrets on service connections. The SPN is an Owner of its own secret, and a pipeline sets up security.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Proper AAD access control related to Azure RBAC.
  • Access technology options that matter.
  • Tips and tricks on automation and access control.
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