Form-Based Solutions: You’re (Possibly) Doing it Wrong

Forms are important, but they’re almost always part of a bigger picture. The disruption around InfoPath is a perfect catalyst for re-evaluating what forms are and how to best use them in workflow solutions. Regardless of whether you’re coding your own forms in ASP.NET, using InfoPath, or using a third-party product, certain practices make sense when building forms for workflow solutions. The keys are (a) to decide what work should be performed by the form and what should be done by the workflow, and (b) to stop thinking like it’s still a paper form in an electronic container. Thinking about the overall solution rather than only a form is essential, and this session will walk you through demonstrations of how to do so.

A better way — with examples — of how to approach project that involve forms, especially related to workflows. Examples will be neutral, but the lessons can be applied to many forms products and packages. There is advice for architecture, for development, and for human design factors.

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