From Class to Functional-Components. Making Sense of the Latest Functionality in React.

Many of us developers that built SharePoint Framework solutions did it with React. In most cases, you started writing your first components as so-called class-components, but did you know there are other ways? React keeps on improving, SharePoint Framework keeps on adapting to support the latest versions of its dependencies. Improvement is essential, but also require us to slow down for a second and explore these improvements to see what value they can bring to our solutions.

Slowing down and taking a moment to explore is what this session is all about. In this session, you get an overview of the latest functionality in React. Like what is the difference between these class- and functional-components. Are React Hooks only buzz, or does it actually add value? Want to know more, come, and check out this session.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Get an overview of the latest features in React
  2. Get more understanding in the different components
  3. Learn more about what and how
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