Full Stack Monitoring Capabilities in Azure Monitor

Whether you are a developer, architect, IT Ops specialist, program manager, or a DevOps practitioner monitoring is something you definitely care about! Azure Monitor is Microsoft’s unified monitoring solution that provides full-stack observability across applications and infrastructure. Depending on the role you can start with end-to-end visibility across the health of your resources, drill down to the most probable root cause of a problem, even to the topology of your application or actual lines of code. You can track and optimize your health, availability, performance, and reliability using the various tools from Azure Monitor and can even track end-user behaviour and engagement for optimizing your customer experience. In this session we will discuss the Azure Monitor architecture, how to configure it for the different Azure Services, add your custom telemetry and provide lessons learned at enterprises. 

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Azure Monitor Architecture 
  2. Visualizing monitoring data and reacting on critical events 
  3. Custom events and telemetry 
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