The Future is About Looking Back

We as humans strive to enhance our existence in technology. We create more elaborate and complex technological solutions, destined and designed to make our lives easier. But are we riding on the crest of this wave? Surely, we must understand that in the sea of technologies we must not drown; that technology is good nor bad; it is neutral. How we, as individuals and collectively, navigate the cool sea of technology is dependent on us being able to look back at the ‘older’ ways to solve challenges, to consider legacy, and understand how legacy can trump coolness.

In a fun and engaging discussion I will address this conundrum; looking at areas in trends of technology that affects us all, such as Privacy, Physical to Digital and Collaborative Design Challenges. These impact the way we create, adopt and learn technologies for the benefit of ourselves and stakeholders. Specifically, ‘Privacy’ which is increasingly becoming the key topic for any ‘app’ – we will look at challenges and our attitudes to privacy. ‘Physical to Digital’ covers legacy versus technological solutions and looks at good versus bad attempts of user adoption, and the cultural and social impacts. ‘Collaborative Design Challenges’ will address current technologies the cornerstones of collaboration – Need, Intimacy, Communication, Equality and Respect.

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