The Future of the Modern Workplace and Office 365

What do people want from their jobs and how a modern workplace incorporating Office 365 can help? Sam will look at how work is evolving and the need to focus on employee experience. There are benefits to a more mobile, always-available workplace, but also a dark side to being ‘always on’; and tools such as Microsoft Teams amplify this.  

Culture is always a talking point for technology implementations, and some companies find ready success with Office 365, whereas others experience persistently low adoption levels. The reason for this is that there are tacit cultural assumptions in how Office 365 is designed and being more aware of them will give new insights into how to make progress. Always up for a debate, Sam will argue a case in favour of hierarchy and silos at times too! 

The talk will be illustrated with real-world examples from a wide range of organisations. 

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. See how the modern workplace is evolving 
  2. Choose the right Office 365 tools to fit company culture 
  3. Learn how to deal with hierarchy and silos 
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