Geek to Chic: Build Your Brand & Elevate Your Career in 5 Steps

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Thinking about reinventing your personal brand and be known for more than your mad IT skillz? As you know in this day and age, strategically building your brand and taking control of it will effectively position you as an authority in your domain and a person of influence. A strong brand will open massive opportunities, ultimately resulting in career acceleration.

Join Dux Raymond Sy in this interactive session and learn how to build your brand both online and offline, who you are, what you do, what your core strengths and skills are as well as the value you can bring to the industry.

You’ll get your personal brand into tip top shape so that you become confident wherever you go, stand out during interviews, make networking easy, and set yourself up to become influential in your field.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. How to identify your strength
  2. How to establish personal brand metrics
  3. How to promote your brand in various channels
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