Get Innovative Or Get Dead: How To Build a ‘Responsive Organisation’

Innovation, change, and learning are defining characteristics of the modern business environment. As one commentator put it organisations must, “Get innovative or get dead!”. Yet many, many organisations rely on ways of working that were designed for challenges of the industrial age and struggle to adapt and keep pace in the today’s dynamic global markets.
Some leading commentators and thinkers have proposed the concept of the “Responsive Organisation” as a model for an organisation equipped to deal with the challenges of the 21st century.

A Responsive Organisation is one which values purpose over profit, empowers rather than controls its people, in which strategy is emergent rather than designed, and is built around networks rather than hierarchies. Based on doctoral research and grounded in experiences in some of the worlds leading organisations.  In this session you will learn how to transform your organisation using a framework which blends together technology, strategy, culture and leadership.

Session Highlights:
1. Learn how to create a knowledge sharing culture.
2. Learn how to create and maintain competitive advantage though innovation and learning facilitated by SharePoint, Office 365 and Yammer.
3. Learn specific actions leaders can take to influence the successful adoption of SharePoint, Office 365 and Yammer.

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