Start Managing and Governing your Projects TODAY with Project Online

This presentation will demonstrate the capabilities of Project Online and show you how it can be used to create, manage, track, report and collaborate between key stakeholders on all of the projects within your organisation. This presentation will be heavily demonstration-focused using a live implementation and is aimed towards the Business Decision Maker who is responsible for ensuring projects are delivered on time within the organisation. The presentation will cover the following (hot) topics within Project Management:

1. Creation of different types of projects with different “standardised” project templates.

2. Assigning the right resources to the project, ensuring that demand and supply are managed.

3. Project Governance – tracking projects through a gateway process, and quickly seeing which projects are in which phase and whether the projects are on track

4. Whether or not to utilise workflow to manage project governance, and if so, how this can be implemented in Project Online.

5. Risk and Issue management and document collaboration.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Delegates will fully understand the capabilities of Project Online and Project Server
  2. Delegates will understand how Project Online can support their Project Governance process
  3. Delegates will understand how Project Online can improve their resource management and performance within their organisation
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