From the Ground to the Cloud with SharePoint & Business Intelligence

SharePoint has long been discussed as a centre of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence (MSBI) world. Whether it is the visualisations provided through Excel Services, the reports that can be generated out of libraries, PerformancePoint Services dashboards, and most recently the awesome power of PowerBI, this massive landscape of tools can be difficult enough without the constantly changing nature of Microsoft’s Cloud First, Mobile First commitment.  Join us for a day of demystification around the massively powerful toolsets that make up Microsoft’s Business Intelligence offerings.  You will walk away from this full-day workshop with a working knowledge of the major tools that Microsoft has put at your disposal to drive insights into your business. We will go through installation, configuration and implementation, as well as recommended practices from the field on how to get started with MSBI and how to manage it, and even what to avoid.  This is a day not to be missed!

Benefits of attending this tutorial: 

  1. Help understand what is possible in the BI stack
  2. Understand what all of the various products do to make intelligent investment decisions
  3. Help plan on BI investments for the foreseeable future.
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