Heirlooms and Hybrid SharePoint – Governance and Design Practices for Business Scenarios

Unless you’re 100% on premises, or one of the rare few enterprises living purely on Office 365, you have a hybrid environment. What belongs in the cloud, and what belongs on premises? Applying one of the classic consulting guidelines (“just because you can doesn’t mean you should”) we’ll review some best practices for governance and architecture to support real world business scenarios such as:
– Internal project team delivering for external stakeholders
– External blended teams delivering projects to an internal enterprise
– Customer service and support
– Supporting field sales
– Business intelligence against internal business data
– Business intelligence against external business data
– Financial or medical data repositories
– Customised application hosting
– Enterprise record management and vaulting Small businesses.

Benefits of Attending this Tutorial: 

  1. Leave with a list of key scenarios that are good candidates for hybrid architectures
  2. Get hands on experience on building a use case for change
  3. Get exposure to the latest advances and features for hybrid implementations


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