How I Learned to Love TypeScript and Stop Fearing the SharePoint Framework

Office 365 and the SharePoint Framework have shifted customisation methodologies, moving us from the shackles and limitations of server-side development and freed us with client-side rendering models. Within the SharePoint Framework, our core language is TypeScript, still an unknown for many SharePoint developers.

In this session we will dive into TypeScript to learn its secrets so we can build an amazing yet maintainable Framework based WebParts and applications. We will look at TypeScript typing, classes, modules, and more so we can build rugged, refined, and yet reusable and maintainable code modules, components and controls for our current and future Framework based WebParts.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Overview of TypeScript, its core features and why it is important
  2. Learn how SharePoint Framework webparts use TypeScript
  3. Get examples and code for creating custom TypeScript components for SharePoint
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