How to Overcome the Chaos Teams Causes in SharePoint Document Libraries

Microsoft Teams is all over the place and everyone is keen to creating his/her own team to start collaborating. Other people still want to stick with SharePoint and manage their documents there, instead of in Teams. If you grant your users maximum flexibility, they will create and work on documents all over the place, in Teams or directly in SharePoint. This is condemned to create sooner or later unhappy users, because they cannot find the content they are looking for.

This session will show you how you can apply your bit of governance to make your users life easier. You will hear about an approach where you can make use of the best of both worlds and your users will still be able to find the documents they are looking for. We will look into Hub-Sites, applying basic metadata in the background to all your documents and therefore make them findable again through SharePoint Search. All done with some configuration and for scaling purposes, using automated provisioning with Azure Functions and PowerShell.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Discover Document Management in Teams & SharePoint
  2. Apply governance to your Teams & SharePoint Documents
  3. Learn how to find your documents
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