How to Use PowerShell to Become a Windows Management SuperHero – 2020 Edition

Petri continues his journey to enlighten Powershell possibilities for IT Admins every day work. This highly popular session just got 3rd year upgrade to topics.

In this heavily demo based session Petri shows how Powershell can help you with your daily tasks whether you are managing Windows devices or Office 365 services.

Powershell is all about objects, object and objects. Let’s throw pipeline in the game and we can do amazing things. 99% of Powershell scripts utilizes objects whether we know it or not.

In this session we start with basics of Powershell objects manipulation. Then we extend that knowledge to real life examples how we utilize objects in our simple and most advanced scripts.

Learn this and you rock Powershell!

We utilize these basics techniques whether we are doing Windows management, most amazing looking HTML reports or Intune/Office365 management with Microsoft Graph API.


Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • You will understand how and why objects and pipeline are so important
  • You will get tips and tricks working with Graph API
  • See real life examples and ideas which you can use back at work
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