Hybrid Search Bonanza – Cloud SSA vs Custom Claims Provider and Security Trimmer

The ability to have a unified search experience across content sources on premises and in the cloud has been an important feature on many organizations wish list for SharePoint. With the new Hybrid Search Crawl Appliance from Microsoft, users can search for on-prem content in Office 365.

My client has launched a massive initiative to enable next generation platform for productivity and collaboration. SharePoint 2013 is chosen as a strategic platform for Intranet, Search, Internal and External Collaboration. They have more than 15,000 employees worldwide and more than 10,000 registered external users.

Internal content is available to internal domain users only and physically isolated from externally shared content, which is available to both internal and external users. Windows authentication is used internally, while ADFS is used for externally shared content. The external user repository is a SQL database.

A custom claims provider is implemented to find and evaluate users and groups across the external and internal user repositories. Multiple authentication providers is configured for the default zone to support crawling, Office and Outlook integration, alerts and e-mails. Custom security trimming is implemented to map external claims to internal claims.

Session Highlights are:
1. Setup hybrid search using the new Hybrid Search Crawl Appliance
2. Implement a custom security trimmer to map SAML claims to Windows claims
3. Implement a custom login page to bypass authentication provider dropdown

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