[SOLD OUT] Hybrid Work Masterclass

This tutorial is Sold Out.

The pandemic opened our eyes, and now we are voting with our feet. People around the world are embracing (and demanding) the flexibility of hybrid work. Sometimes in the office, sometimes at home, and sometimes whilst we move our families to new locations, or travel the world.

Remote work was (relatively) easy when we all were working at home during lockdown. But now with our teams spread across work, home, geography, work hours, time zones, and devices… how can we empower them to perform their best (where they feel they can do their best work), without succumbing to frustration, loneliness, or burn out. In parallel, how do we better leverage investments we are making in our digital workplace (Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Viva), and physical workplaces (Microsoft Teams Rooms, Surface Hubs, Teams Front Row), whilst enabling our workforce with the right hybrid work culture (values, behaviours, policies) and the business and digital skills they need to be effective in this new world?

In this full day tutorial we will dive deep into how you can make hybrid work sustainable for your team (and selfishly for yourself). We will mix both theory and practical examples, and you will walk away with a hybrid work ‘plan on a page’ to help make sustainable hybrid work a reality for your organisation.

Grounded in his university research into distributed work, practical experience leading a remote first organisation, and the ‘brute force’ lessons that many have learned during the past 3 years, Paul will share unique insights that you will be able to put into practice as soon as you get back to the office… or your home… or wherever you plan to work from 馃檪

Benefits of Attending this Tutorial:

  1. Understand both the people, and technology aspects of hybrid work
  2. Learn how to better manage your work/life borders to your advantage
  3. Develop your plan for hybrid work
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