IKON – Our Journey to Organisational Change while Surviving a Total SAN Failure

IKON is a multi award-winning SharePoint 2013 intranet, EDRMS and knowledge management solution for a large 9,000+ organisation. We recently survived a total SAN failure !!!  This was an excellent learning process and an excellent business case for good DR sites !!!  This talk briefly covers the IKON project (senior leadership engagement, user adoption, change management, information architecture, enterprise social) and then focuses on how we built the DR site that ultimately helped us survive our SAN failure. We share real life experiences and lessons learned.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Learn how to successfully deploy an EDRMS and intranet to a 10,000 strong organisation
  2. Digital transformation; the Importance of Information Architecture, Taxonomy and Social.
  3. Surviving the storm of a total SAN failure !!! How good is your DR site?
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