IKON – Our Journey to Organizational Change while Surviving a Total SAN Failure

IKON is a multi award winning SharePoint 2013 complete, intranet, EDRMS and knowledge management solution for a large 9,000+ organisation. We have moved to SharePoint 2016, deployed FlowForma extensively and survived a total SAN failure !!! This talk covers the case study of IKON, (Information and Knowledge ONline) a multi award winning implementation of SharePoint 2013 in the Irish Defence Forces as a complete intranet solution. The talk covers the academic research behind the project, senior leadership engagement, user adoption, change management, information architecture and enterprise social to name but a few of the topics of this highly engaging talk by Major Barry Byrne, project and programme lead for IKON.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Move to SharePoint 2016
  2. Deploying FlowForma
  3. Surviving the storm of a total SAN failure !!! How good is your DR site?
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