Implementing and Managing Security in your Microsoft 365 Environment (Sold Out)

Microsoft 365 covers Office 365, Windows 10 and the whole EM+S suite of products, with a full range of functionality for knowledge workers. What are the key aspects to implement and manage the whole environment, and to implement and manage it securely? What are the risks and threats that you should take into account, and how can you minimise the risks in your own environment by modifying the platform and utilising the full range of functionality that Microsoft 365 offers? This session will give attendees an overview of security on the Microsoft 365 platform, and will give them tools and practices to use in securing their own environment. Securing the base platform and functionalities within Microsoft 365, securing the user identity and the devices that users use, and finally securing the information that is stored and processed in the Microsoft 365 environment. In addition we will also look at monitoring the environment, so the attendees really get an overview of the Microsoft 365 security end-to-end.

The content is mostly targeted at IT Pros, but can also be useful for BDM’s who make decisions functionality to be utilised from the Microsoft 365 portfolio. Knowledge and experience of the components of the Microsoft 365 platform is advisable, but you can attend the session even if you haven’t yet implemented Microsoft 365, and are only planning to do so.

What we will cover in a day:

  • Components of Microsoft 365
  • Risks and threats
  • Securing the platform and services – best practices on modifying the default configuration
  • User identity – how to secure your users and user authentication
  • Device security – how to make sure that the devices that users use are secure
  • Securing your information – how to ensure that the information stays secure and confidential
  • Managing and monitoring Microsoft 365

Benefits of attending this session:

  • You get an overview of the security aspects of the Microsoft 365 platform and the risks and threats that face organisations implementing Office 365
  • You obtain the knowledge, tools and best practices to minimise the risks and threats and to secure your own environment
  • You see a lot of demos with tips on how to implement the security functionality on the Microsoft 365 platform
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