!important Things in CSS/SASS for SharePoint and SPFx

This update will give you a skill upgrade to the latest methods in web development. Learn how you can benefit from using SASS for classic SharePoint branding as well as Web Parts written in the new SharePoint Framework. This tutorial is structured in four modules:

– CSS basics, common issues and modern techniques
– Base concept of SASS, Helper, programming concepts
– Style Guide, Pattern Libraries and naming conventions
– Bring your patterns and components to life in SPFx

This workshop enables you to write more efficient, cleaner and better CSS. You will learn how to develop reusable pattern and components and apply them to the modern, as well as the classic experience, in SharePoint and Office 365. Finally, you will also learn how to deal with a responsive web design requirement apart from Frameworks.

Benefits of Attending this Tutorial: 

  1. Learn common tips and tricks to solve problems with CSS faster
  2. Write better and more maintainable code
  3. Learn common techniques to improve a responsive experience
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