Real World Information Management with OneNote and the Cloud

Researching and collecting news and topics is essential for preparing podcasts. Over the years Michael has setup up a solution based on OneNote, OneDrive, IFTTT, Skype, WordPress and additional tools to make this whole process very effective, it works on all devices and helps him to prepare and produce the podcasts with his co-hosts. Michael will show how this solution has been setup, how it works on different devices and how you can extend or adopt it to your own needs- it’s a great example of how you can combine tools like OneNote, OneDrive and some basic automation into a working solution.

Learn from a real world example how you can use OneNote as the centre of a research solution to streamline daily tasks and how to combine tools, like IFTTT, Feedly, Skype and more, into a working solution of creating and producing a podcast.

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