Inspiring the Next Generation: Teaching TechGirlz

David and Sarah Patrick will discuss their adventures in teaching young ladies a variety of computer related technologies. Through a program called TechGirlz, David and Sarah have been running workshops designed to inspire the next generation of young women to get and stay interested in STEM, to help bridge the gender gap that exists in these fields today.

During the talk, David and Sarah will show off how they were able to incorporate into the TechGirlz workshops the latest Microsoft technologies like Office 365, Kodu, Visual Studio Code, Power Apps and Microsoft Teams, so that the ladies would not only be learning technology, but gaining current, relevant, and valuable skills.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Learn about TechGirlz and how to volunteer
  2. Discover different workshops and how they tie into Office 365
  3. Get inspired by stories of young women working in technology
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