Introducing the Office 365 Dev PnP Partner Pack

The OfficeDev PnP Partner Pack is a sample Office 365 Application, provided by OfficeDev PnP ( as an open source community project, in order to show an end to end solution to provide users the capability to do managed self-service sites provisioning in SharePoint Online. In this session you will understand the main features of the PnP Partner Pack, you will see how to setup and use the tool in your own tenants. You will dig into the architecture of the sample solution, and you will understand how to customise and extend it. The goal of this session is to show you how the solution works, and how you can leverage it as a “ready to go” sample, or just a starting point for coding your own customised solutions. Moreover, through this sample solution, you will also learn how to leverage the entire Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem within an Office 365 Application.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Learn about a ready to go tool for better users’ productivity
  2. Understand how to create a real Office 365 Application
  3. Satisfy common business requirements like self-service site creation


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