Introduction to Azure AD Apps and Office 365 APIs

In this training, Daniel will lead the audience through the whole process of developing Azure AD Apps with Office 365 APIs. Through a training day, a real app will be developed, with the following steps in the process:
– Introduction to Azure AD Apps and Office 365 APIs
– Azure AD -Explanation and basic principles
– App registration in Azure AD – Explaining APP permissions
– Explaining user permissions for the app. Internal and external users.
– Development of a Web API which will be used as application back-end. Web API will use Office 365 APIs, SharePoint Client libraries, and 3rd party APIs to gather and fetch and manipulate data
– Development of a MVC web application which uses the Web API back-end
– Authorization of web application to Web API- Development of a native Windows Universal app, which uses previously developed Web API as back-end
– Development of an Android or iOS App, which uses previously created Web API as back-end.
– Development of AAD-Secured Azure services for batch data-processing and worker jobs
– Emphasizing the best architecture practices for Cloud Application development, to ensure development of reliable and performance apps and services.
In this tutorial you will:
1. Learn how to make use of various cloud services
2. Build a distributed app
3. Build apps on different platforms using cloud services.

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