Introduction to Information Architecture: How to Plan and Organise your Intranet

If your users can’t find what they need on your intranet, your information architecture (IA) probably needs some work! In this workshop, you will learn tips and best practices to improve “findability” and information organisation and the basic concepts of information architecture. We will cover the critical aspects of intranet IA: navigation/site architecture, page design architecture, and metadata architecture. You will learn approaches for planning navigation across the entire intranet and on individual sites, along with tips and best practices for using mega-menus and organising hub sites. You will take away lessons about the best place to focus your IA energy – so that you can build an intranet that is an essential part of your digital workplace today and as your organisation evolves over time. 

Benefits of Attending this Tutorial:

  1. Practical approaches for site navigation, including mega-menu strategies 
  2. Best practices for organising information on pages – see examples of good and bad design 
  3. Comprehensive understanding of how to focus on what is important for your organisation and your users related to IA 
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