Journey to the Cloud and Back – Looking Beyond the Horizon

‘Cloud is the future,’ seems to come from everywhere, but there are only few who ask ‘where’s the catch?’. This session is aimed to provide insights on those business areas for which cloud hits a sweet spot, and those for which it doesn’t. It will help evaluate cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions based on most common usage scenarios, with the main focus on business applications, workflows and process management.

The session is especially recommended to CIOs and other IT professionals responsible for creating application infrastructure and/or building business applications in organisations.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  • Discover where the cloud is in the hype cycle and how it affects organisations
  • Overview of Short-term vs long-term cloud impact
  • Find out whether to cloud or (when) not to cloud. How to choose wisely from what cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions have to offer.
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