Keep Control of Your Data with Azure Information Protection and Azure Conditional Access

The biggest worry of the security officer is losing control of company data. Putting tight security measures in place will drive users to start using shadow-IT solutions. How do we support collaboration with customers, partners, and vendors without having the risk of sharing confidential documents? How do we keep “Secret” or “High Confidential” documents within our company boundaries?

With Azure Information Protection you bring complex document encryption closer to the business by applying the concept of Classify, Label and Protect based on common business terminology. Combining this with Azure Conditionals Access means a document with protection, set by a label, does not leave the company boundaries anymore.

Bram will cover the basics of Azure Information Protection to support secure collaboration. The demo highlights common scenarios like visual markings, recommended classification and protection. Once the policy is set and working, Conditional Access is added to block access to protected documents from unmanaged devices.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Understand Azure Information Protection combined with Conditional Access
  2. Transform your company’s data classification policy to an actual implementation
  3. Know how to secure your (most) confidential data
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