Overcome Information Overload with Office 365: The Key is the Microsoft Graph

“Where is the latest information about my project?” In Outlook? SharePoint? Teams? OneDrive? Maybe all of them?

Important business-related emails, documents, and conversations are increasingly being spread across multiple Office 365 apps.  This creates a challenge for knowledge workers who want to focus on deep, creative work rather than on toggling between apps searching for information. Tying together information from multiple apps by familiar topics like product or project name, is one way to enable workers to conquer information overload. But how can you do that?

The Microsoft Graph and Microsoft’s new ‘Microsoft Graph Data Connect’ offer exciting ways to integrate Office 365 data to build context-aware applications for Office 365.  The Microsoft Graph is the gateway to Office 365 and Microsoft cloud data, insights, and rich relationships. The new ‘Microsoft Graph Data Connect’ complements the Microsoft Graph by providing a secure and scalable platform to access Office 365 user data in the Azure cloud.

Join this session to learn how the Microsoft Graph and ‘Microsoft Graph Data Connect’ can power a new generation of intelligent apps. The session details the challenges of focusing on deep work brought on by the popularity of Office 365 collaboration tools. The session will include a live demo of a Graph-powered app (developed in collaboration with Microsoft) that enables users to access and interact with Office 365 information organized by auto-generated topics.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Unravel the complexity of the Office 365 user experience
  • Learn why productivity suffers when you move to the Office 365 cloud
  • Discover practical ways to use the Microsoft Graph to conquer information overload
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