Why Enterprises Should use MS Access

Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Access 2016 enable us to accomplish our goals with less pain and greater accuracy. Within enterprises co-exist numerous processes and databases in SharePoint lists and Excel sheets created and maintained by (power) end users with good yet not great knowledge of what IT can bring. The classical solution and the reason why MS Access has been so successful lies herein. MS Access enables end users to develop applications that enables whole teams to collaborate and maintain high data quality. During our presentation we will elaborate on the quality of data, the position of MS Access in the enterprise and demonstrate the ease and value of Access in a Hybrid deployment. In the demo session we will build a no-code/less-code solution on SharePoint 365 using MS Access and enable users to collaborate on mobile devices and desktop computers. Power BI and PowerApps will be used to spice up the presentation.

-Desktop: Rich Desktop Access 2016 application
-SharePoint 2016: Access forms and Power BI
-Mobile devices: PowerApps and Power BI on mobile devices for example a Windows Phone and iPad.

Benefits Of Attending this Session:

  1. The possibilities in a hybrid environment
  2. The position in the enterprise
  3. The value of data quality



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